The Original Xbox isn’t Dead Yet

The natural life of our family Xbox has been extended a little further...

If you want to get hold of the Xbox 360, I'm going to guess that the 15-mile radius around Redmond, WA is not a great place to live. Contrary to a few rumors I've heard floating around, there's no special treatment for Microsoft employees when it comes to get hold of the next-generation console. I've even spoken to a colleague who works on XNA who tells me that he had to take his place in the line outside Best Buy in Bellevue on launch night along with everyone else. My wife went into Target in Issaquah this morning and was told that they wouldn't be getting any significant volume of stock until next March! My frustration is that I brought my European PAL Xbox across to the States when I relocated here last year. Since then, I've been gradually accumulating North American games for the Xbox ready to play on an NTSC Xbox 360 when it's available, rather than continue to purchase games that wouldn't be forward compatible. So I'm waiting for the Xbox 360 just to play Halo 2, let alone Project Gotham Racing 3!

Still, I'm sure there's more to life than Xbox...

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  1. For those wondering about replenishment, Major Nelson has some good information:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it seems to me that XBox is nothing more than a small-footprint, x86 pc running XP Embedded. So, I’m almost certain that someone on the inside, who works closely on the source code, has hacked together an interface which allows one to run Xbox games on XP/Vista Workstation. Maybe even integrating it with the other embedded emulation capabilities of VS2005, which would make sense, since it would provide for easier debugging.

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