Windows Presentation Foundation PDC Hands-On Labs Now Online

Thanks to Tom Archer (the content strategist for the WinFX parts of MSDN) and Parimal Deshpande (the marketing manager for Windows Presentation Foundation), we now have the PDC hands-on labs available for Windows Presentation Foundation. If you're a kinesthetic learner, you'll appreciate the ability to experiment directly with Avalon by practising real-world coding problems with these examples - they're a great way to learn how to use Avalon. I'd particularly recommend the styles and templates (PRSHOL07) and data binding (PRSHOL04) labs - in my opinion, much of the power of Avalon is built from these concepts, and getting to grips with them will have a big impact on your productivity with Windows Presentation Foundation.

Incidentally, you can also find the ASP.NET Atlas labs, Windows Workflow Foundation labs and the LINQ / DLinq / XLinq labs available on MSDN in various locations. Pretty well hidden, aren't they? Let's keep them our little secret, dear loyal reader!

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