Vacation and Vista

I've been on vacation for the last two weeks in Oregon. I always thought Oregon was a somewhat nondescript state to act as a buffer between Washington and California; a close friend who hails from the area was so incensed with my dismissal of their home state that our families decided to go on vacation there together so they could show me the error of my ways. And I have to confess, it's a beautiful state. The coastline is lovely, with awe-inspiring views and everything a young family needs for paddling and sandcastle building! We particularly enjoyed central Oregon - with the incredible volcanic lava flows and of course Crater Lake. I'm just trying to sort through 500+ photos to decide what to use for a Shutterfly custom album.

Now back at work trying my best to sort through 2000+ emails that have accumulated in my inbox; that stomach-tightening feeling I got when I opened my inbox is not a good sign! We've announced that the client release of "Longhorn" (not the server - something some people have overlooked) will be named Windows Vista; "Avalon" becomes the Windows Presentation Foundation, "Metro" becomes the XML Paper Specification and "Indigo" becomes the Windows Communication Foundation. Expect to see me using both terms fairly liberally for a while, both to ensure that everyone knows what I'm talking about and to keep the search engines honest...

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