Metro Video now Online on Channel 9

A while ago Charles Torre and I shot a video with Jerry Dunietz, one of the principal architects for Metro (now more correctly known as the XML Paper Specification or XPS). Metro is a major new advance that integrates display and document infrastructure together into a single entity, and allows a XAML-based syntax to be used for rendering fixed format documents to screen, printer or file, as well as providing a file container format. I wrote a little about Metro here a few weeks back.

In this video, Jerry explains Metro / XPS in great detail and demonstrates what a Metro document looks like in practice. We had great fun with this interview, especially because Jerry is a Microsoft old-timer and spent some of the interview describing his early days at Microsoft with our earliest products such as XENIX and OS/2. If you're building a .NET Framework application that prints or stores data in a file (which I guess describes most Microsoft-based developers), then this interview is worth watching. More on XPS at the PDC of course...

Click here to see the Channel 9 interview.

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