Look What We Added to IE…

The MSN toolbar is releasing faster than the "Internet lightspeed" that I remember of ten years ago; this is its second release in just a month or so, now including tabbed browsing for IE.

It's taken me a long time to love this; I used to hate the way that you were forced to have the toolbar on every Explorer window and the poor quality of the returned results. For a long while, I was by no means alone as a Microsoft employee in running the Google Toolbar on my machine despite the home-grown alternative. But the new Windows Desktop Search is brilliant - the built-in preview pane, coupled with a comprehensive set of filters for advanced searching and vastly improved internet search now make the MSN toolbar an automatic install on my machines.

And now with tabbed browsing - what can I say... go get it!

Comments (2)

  1. A says:

    Can you please syndicate on msdn.microsoft.com/sql only the SQL Server category of your blog. The rest of your blog is interesting, but irrelevant to SQL Server users. Thanks.

  2. Tim Sneath says:

    Sorry about that – this seems to be down to the way that the SQL site automatically syndicates the whole feed of anyone who occasionally posts about SQL Server. Since I don’t post as much about SQL as I used to, I’ve worked out how to fix the problem – I think. Thank you for alerting me – I wasn’t even aware that the SQL website was broadcasting my messages to the world until you highlighted this!

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