An Avalon Team Blog Directory

If you're interested in this blog, you'll probably be interested in reading the blogs of other folks from Microsoft who work directly or indirectly on Avalon. I've been spelunking around in an attempt to come up with a comprehensive Avalon bloggers list. Here goes:

  • Adam Nathan (web rss)
  • Ashish Shetty (web rss)
  • Chris Anderson (web rss)
  • Filipe Fortes (web rss)
  • Daniel Lehenbauer (web rss)
  • Greg Schechter (web rss)
  • Henry Hahn (web rss)
  • Joe Marini (web rss)
  • John Gossman (web rss)
  • Karsten Januszewski (web rss)
  • Lauren Lavoie (web rss)
  • Marcelo Lopez Ruiz (web rss)
  • Mike Swanson (web rss)
  • Nathan Dunlap (web rss)
  • Nick Kramer (web rss)
  • Kevin Moore (web rss)
  • Rob Relyea (web rss)
  • Tim Sneath (web rss)
  • Zhanbo Sun (web rss)

    My next project is to start to accumulate a list of non-Microsoft bloggers who write about Avalon - come out of the woodwork wherever you are! Feel free to drop me a line via the contact page here if you fall into that category - I'd love to hear from you!

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    1. Tim Sneath has come up with a comprehensive list (in his own words) of Microsoft employees who blog about Avalon. I hijacked the list and here it is:

    2. Tim Sneath recently posted a list of Avalon bloggers.  Someone recently asked for this…

    3. This past month or two have been really busy for me, preparing for the PDC in all sorts of different…

    4. Tim Sneath says:

      I’ve turned this list into an article so that it stays sticky on the home page. Please check out the new link here, with many new and revised entries:

    5. App-o-Rama says:

      It looks like a couple links are out of date:

      Rob Relyea is at:

      Zhuanbo Sun is at:

      Also, I don’t know if MS has some strange way of categorizing who is actually on the Avalon team, but it looks like you somehow missed a few:

      Robby Ingebretsen at

      WPFSDK at

      ATC Avalon Team at:

    6. The last couple days of the PDC were spent single-tracking through the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF, formerly known as Avalon) and Microsoft Expression sessions. Later in the evening on Thursday, I spent a good chunk of time with Ian Ellison-Taylor

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