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OK – perhaps not an immediately attractive proposition, but how would you like to come and work in the candy store with a focus on Longhorn and Avalon? We’ve just opened a new position for immediate hire here in Redmond as a Longhorn & Avalon Technical Evangelist. I’m really excited – there is so much in the way of cool work going on right now, and there’s just not enough people to do it all! Our team is a fantastic place to work – I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say that I can’t imagine a finer place to be, with great managers, a fun working environment and some really exciting leading-edge products to be working on.

To do this job effectively, you’ll need to be someone with a developer background who enjoys communicating with others and has an infectious enthusiasm for technology. The job involves working with some of our top ISV and enterprise customers, building demos and other content, distilling complex technologies into concrete business scenarios, and having an influence on product strategy and direction. In this role, technical skills are essential, but they’re not enough alone – a strong sense of the dynamics of the software economy, great presentation skills and an ability to be credible with and influence senior management are also essential. In this job, you’ll work harder than you’ve ever done before, but you’ll wake up every Monday morning with a spring in your step and a pride in what you’re doing!

Comments (3)

  1. ToddM says:

    Actually, I think there are a lot of highly qualified people out there for a position such as this one, but until you guys realize that the world is larger than Redmond, you are going to have a hard time filling these positions.

    Make this same job available in the Boston area (for example) with a competitive compensation package, and you’ll be buried in qualified candidates.

    If Evangelists are to be "out spreading the word," doesn’t it make good sense to have them be geographically disperse? Why is to so important to be sitting in Redmond — doesn’t all of that Live Office stuff you guys promote get the job done that you claim it gets done?

    (Yeah, yeah. I know there are SOME non-Redmond evangelist roles available, but these are few and far between. And non appear to be as interesting as what you are promoting.)

  2. Prince of Persia says:

    I think it is possible to have evangelist at other places…but i think no body gets to have as much fun as those who work from Redmond. This sounds like an awesome job I’m applying for it.

  3. Tim Sneath says:

    In response to the comment about the Redmond-based nature of this role, you might be interested to know that there are about five times as many evangelist positions worldwide as there are in Redmond. It just happens that there’s even an open evangelist position in Boston right now: check out the following URL for more info (

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