Two Horns of a Longhorn

I received a phone call out of the blue a few weeks back from US customs informing me that they had received an animal's head with my name as the listed recipient, and could I tell them what animal it was, what country it was from, whether it had been killed humanely, and whether it was certified disease-free! Of course, I had no idea what was arriving so I was wondering whether someone was trying to send me a nasty signal!

My wife gamely went down to SeaTac airport to try and persuade the customs folk to release the delivery to us, and after several hours of driving around in circles trying to find the tiny office and then grovelling to a variety of bureaucrats, she managed to get them to release it.

Finally we opened the package to discover a really unusual leaving gift from my old team back in the UK: a real pair of horns from a Longhorn! They're now proudly mounted on the wall of my office, and have attracted a great deal of interest from many of the people who wander down my corridor trying to find where Robert Scoble sits. They're signed by the team, and they will remind me of many happy memories - thanks guys!

So to the moral of the story: Longhorn is definitely shipping, but it might be held up in customs... 🙂

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