Playing Eliza with Encarta

I’ve found a new mindless hobby – playing Eliza with Encarta. The Windows Live Messenger team were first to put me on to the fun new service offered by Encarta, whereby you can add to your MSN IM list and ask it free-text questions such as “Where is the capital of Bolivia?” or “Who…


The Original Xbox isn’t Dead Yet

The natural life of our family Xbox has been extended a little further… If you want to get hold of the Xbox 360, I’m going to guess that the 15-mile radius around Redmond, WA is not a great place to live. Contrary to a few rumors I’ve heard floating around, there’s no special treatment for Microsoft…


Installing the WinFX Runtime Components on a x64 Machine

After I posted the availability of the Nov CTP bits, I had a question from Niels Berglund (a great mentor on all things SQLCLR) asking where the x64 version was. I’d searched around for this for ages myself and had presumed that we just weren’t making the x64 bits available, but it turns out that…


A Couple of Avalon Express (XBAP) Demos

Some technologies are cut, others just get renamed so many times that people think they’ve been cut! Ever since the first public unveiling of Windows Presentation Foundation, we’ve supported both standalone and browser-based applications. On the browser side, applications run in a partial-trust sandbox that allows a subset of WPF functionality to be supported securely….


Windows Live Custom Domains

I try to be a good Microsoft citizen – using our software wherever possible, providing feedback to the product teams, filing bugs, and generally dogfooding. (Hopefully that doesn’t imply that I’m blinkered to the merits of other software: I certainly don’t mean to imply that we have the best product in every space, or that…


The Difference between CTPs and Beta Releases

In response to my last post announcing the WinFX Runtime Components November CTP, kettch posts the following: “this is not a beta this is a ctp. CTP’s are by their very nature broken. With beta releases there is an effort made to fix some bugs and at least get things somewhat stable, with the CTP…


WinFX Runtime Components November CTP Now Released!

With every CTP, we’re another step closer… This release is particularly exciting, because it is based on the final .NET Framework 2.0 bits. You’ve no excuse now for not installing WinFX and starting to prototype a great Windows Presentation Foundation application! Download the various bits from the following locations: WinFX Runtime Components (Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows…


WinFX and the Visual Studio 2005 Final (RTM) Release

Today is the end of a long road for the Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 teams – many congratulations to them on shipping! The book I co-wrote five years ago concerning development for SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services may now be officially considered obsolete! For those of us who focus on WinFX development, this…


Dear, Oh Dear…

A riveting read – say no more.


PDC05: Breakout Videos Now Online

If posting the hands-on labs wasn’t enough, we’ve just hit the big red button on the session breakout content itself. Head over to the PDC05 post-show website to view all the sessions from the event. For each session, you can see both the presenter video and the slide / demo screens, and you can even…