TechEd Europe: Wrapup

I've had a couple of weeks' silence on the blog, for which I apologise. TechEd was such a full-on experience that it took me a full week's vacation to recover!

Overall, we were delighted with the success of the conference. I've browsed through the online feedback for a good proportion of the 290 sessions and the overall evaluation form, which was an endeavour itself given the number of attendees and quantity of feedback. The breakout sessions scored an overall average of 7.16 / 9.0, which is a decent improvement on last year. I need to update the table I posted earlier in the week with the final top 10 sessions: if you ever get a chance to hear any of these speakers, you can be assured that you will be both entertained and informed.

Code Title Speaker Score
MBL348 Performance Optimization for SQL Server CE v2.0 Kevin Collins 8.90
WIN392 Overview of IPv6 Rafal Lukawiecki 8.57
MBL312  Writing Secure Mobile Applications for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones  Marcus Perryman 8.53
SEC353 Anatomy of a Hack: How to Get Your Network Hacked in 10 Easy Steps Jesper Johansson 8.45
DAT361  Logging and Recovery: Understand How Your Transactions Impact System Recovery and Performance Kimberly L Tripp 8.39
SEC460  Encryption in Detail: The Inner Workings Rafal Lukawiecki 8.37
SEC495  Windows Passwords: Everything You Need to Know Jesper Johansson 8.37
DAT348  SQL Server 2000 Indexing Best Practices Kimberly L Tripp 8.36
CTS308 Building Proseware, Inc. – a Non-Trivial Service-Oriented System Clemens Vasters 8.35

So what's next? Well TechEd Europe 2005 of course takes place between 5th-8th July in Amsterdam. In the meantime systems administrators and infrastructure experts might be interested in IT Forum, a conference focused on operating and managing Microsoft server and client systems; this takes place in Copenhagen between 16th-19th November.

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    Great work Tim, thanks!! 😉

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