TechEd Europe Session Database

In respond to popular demand from attendees who want to plan their schedule in advance, I've taken an extract of the current session database as an Excel spreadsheet. Hope this helps you make the most of TechEd Europe!

Comments (2)

  1. Mike Walsh Helsinki says:

    This is very useful. Thanks.

    If anybody like me wants to Import it into a Windows SharePoint Services site using "Import a Spreadsheet", they might do as I did (eventually) and copy the cells into a new empty spreadsheet and use that. Then the imput worked fine – it didn’t with the original spreadsheet.

    (Why do you want it in WSS ? So you can add links to the presentations)

  2. I’ve just noticed that Tim Sneath has posted a list of TechEd sessions as an excel spreadsheetI needed that this morning as me and chris hacked our way through and did the voting

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