Digging inside Windows Media Files

I've been scratching an itch - of the coding variety.

For some while now, I've wanted to catalogue all the Windows Media files that I've (legally) ripped over the last year or so, but documentation on MSDN or the broader Internet was scant. So I've hacked together a rather nice little managed wrapper that makes it really easy to get at the metadata in any WMA files. You can use the wrapper to pull a single attribute out of a file, or to recursively trawl through a directory structure and build a strongly-typed dataset containing all the populated attributes from every file.

I think it's rather cool, even if I say so myself! Rather than drone on at greater length here, I've put an article online which describes the code and provides a download location for the sample code. Have fun with it and let me know if you put it to any interesting uses.

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