Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC1 Now Available

Following on from the discussion earlier in the month about Windows XP Service Pack 2 changes, we've now posted the first Release Candidate on the web for download. The good news is that it's available to everyone, MSDN subscriber or not, so you've now got a couple of months to check your application for compatibility before it is finally released. Once again, I recommend taking a look at the "Book of SP2" for detailed discussion of the changes that might affect your application.

I've been running this release on my machine for about a fortnight, and can report that it's stable enough for use on a primary development workstation. Bear in mind that support is only available through newsgroups until the final release of the Service Pack ships.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Watch out if you’re using out of process COM objects from VB. It badly breaks my main app, basically passing structure elements to COM objects falls over, creating temp variables fixes this, but it could be a right pain if it gets into production. (I bugged this on friday, along with samples)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Peter for noting this here and via a bug report.

    Worth pointing out too for others’ benefit that this release of SP2 installs a bug reporting tool onto the desktop which can be used regardless of whether you’re on the official beta programme or not. Now’s a great time to report these kinds of things rather than waiting until it’s released and there’s not a lot we can do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually in a way it’s nice to be able to report a nice big juicy bug, most of mine historically have been of the Ctrl-F3 in OE doesn’t bring the plain text of the message variety. Useful but not show stoppers for shipping. It also helps that as a developer I can narrow the code right down to 15 lines of VB source code, so someone else at the other end doesn’t have to spend weeks trawling through unrelated stuff.

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