How to Write a Compelling Mission Statement…

Thanks to Private Eye for pointing out this fantastic mission statement on the Lake Geneva Forum website. See how many words you can read before it blurs into incomprehensibility!

Our Challenge:
Providing a neutral platform of discourse to capture, explore and integrate a systems view of things in order to unleash and bring together the creative potential of the dominant global institutions in an atmosphere of trust for steering our political, economical, scientific and cultural values and beliefs toward a greater sense of global social and ecological responsibility and thereby create new and positive outcomes for cross cultural problem and conflict resolution.

Presumably they read the advice: "keep a mission sentence pithy by limiting it to one sentence"?!

If you're not from the UK, Private Eye is a satirical magazine that mixes political sketches with other humour. A British version of The Onion, except that it was around decades earlier.

Comments (1)

  1. Jeff says:

    My mission statement is the best ever:

    Make money.

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