.NET for IT Professionals

I delivered a three-session marathon at the Belux Developer & IT Pro conference on Tuesday, covering .NET for IT Professionals. As I've mentioned previously in my blog, I'm on a one-man mission to improve the dearth of information available for system administrators on deploying, securing and managing the .NET Framework and associated applications. This conference was the first opportunity I've had to try out a new set of material aimed at reducing the barriers to adoption of .NET in the enterprise. It seemed to go rather well, although I was completely drained by the end of the third presentation. On the surface, delivering presentations is not a physically exertive activity, but I think the effort required to remain fully alert and concentrated for a protracted period is what causes the energy drain (that and the lack of lunch caused by a slight logistical oversight 🙂

I will post a few thoughts from the session in due course, but I was delighted to see that David Cumps is ahead of me, having already blogged a few thoughts from the presentation here and here. Thanks, David!

I've now made the presentation available for download, as promised to the session attendees. I've been booked to deliver the same material as a series of webcasts in a month's time: I'll advertise the exact dates on the blog once they're finalised.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the credits 🙂

    And a very good 3-session marathon 😉

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