OneNote Birth and Adolescence

And whilst talking about smart client apps, this entry from new blogger Chris Pratley describes how OneNote came about. I use this product an awful lot, although I've never understood why it's not just an extension for Word rather than a separate product. I presumed that OneNote came from work by Microsoft Research rather than a discussion between two senior managers.

Moving forwards, Paul Thurrott writes about rumours of new enhancements for OneNote in the first service pack. I'd also like to see some enhancements to the notes organisation facilities - I'm already finding it hard to quickly navigate to the note I'm interested in; support for some Word-like features such as tables would be nice too, as well as better integration with Outlook so that I could link a task or a calendar appointment to the relevant note.

Comments (2)

  1. re: OneNote as Word extension, at least the MacBU has got that part right in Office 2004:

  2. Tim Sneath says:

    Yeah, that looks really neat. I’ve always had a sneaking regard for Macs – I’ve even got an iMac under my desk at home; if I didn’t have to spend money on it to upgrade it to MacOS X, it would be on top of my desk instead…

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