Best Practices Analyzer for SQL Server

slipped out of Redmond with little fanfare, but it looks quite promising.
It does for SQL Server databases roughly what FxCop does for .NET Framework applications:
specifically, it scans through the database schemas and associated SQL code using
a rules-based engine to identify any deviations from accepted best practices.

It's currently in beta, and I found the tool interface a little idiosyncratic (someone
took the Windows Update design metaphor slightly too far, perhaps), but it has a fairly
comprehensive set of rules (you can
access them here
so that you can view them without having to install the product).
Each rule seems to be implemented as a separate .NET assembly, but for this beta version
there's no documentation on how to create your own rule.

The analyzer tool has a lot of potential value for both developers and DBAs; given
that you can analyse a remote server, it's worth loading up on a development workstation
to iron out any T-SQL glitches before you release a database into production, and
then repeating the process once it's in place to spot any operational oversights.

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