Best Practices Analyzer for SQL Server

This tool slipped out of Redmond with little fanfare, but it looks quite promising. It does for SQL Server databases roughly what FxCop does for .NET Framework applications: specifically, it scans through the database schemas and associated SQL code using a rules-based engine to identify any deviations from accepted best practices. It’s currently in beta,…


.NET User Groups in the UK

<PublicServiceAnnouncement> It’s been quite exciting over the last twelve months to see a number of new .NET user groups spring up in the UK. I’ve got a high regard for user groups in general – they often provide support (of both social and technical varieties), excellent technical information and a better sense of community than…


Experimenting with Yukon Analysis Services

Following on from the last blog entry, when I wrote about creating an Analysis Services cube to work with blog logs, I’ve been experimenting with doing the same things with Yukon. I hit a few road bumps along the way, which helped me understand some important differences in the Yukon Analysis Services architecture. I should…


Using DTS and Analysis Services to Analyse Blog Logs

Following on from the entry I wrote about analysing blog logs, one or two people have asked me how I set everything up to do this. It’s a really good use of Analysis Services, actually, and offers a good example of how Microsoft’s business intelligence tools work together. Nothing is too complicated, although there are…


PDC Sessions Now Available Online

In case you’ve not seen them, the PDC sessions are now available online.


ASP.NET Session State: Architectural and Performance Considerations

I recently came across a great post on one of the internal forums describing the strengths and weaknesses of different ASP.NET session state strategies. Its author, J.D. Meier, has graciously given me permission to use it as the basis of a blog entry. As you’re probably aware, state management is an important consideration for web…


Process Explorer 8.10

[Apologies for the lack of updates: we’ve been upgrading the GotDotNet blog server hardware. Normal service should now be resumed, with more stability and performance hopefully.] I wanted to draw attention to the new release of Process Explorer from Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals. Mark has released a host of remarkable tools since the early days of…


Hear Benjamin Mitchell on WSE and Indigo

Short notice, I know, but I’ve just found out that Benjamin Mitchell is delivering an evening of presentations on WSE and Indigo tomorrow evening at the Microsoft UK campus in Reading. Benjamin is very knowledgeable on this topic, as his recent blog entries demonstrate, and this should be well worth attending. The event is hosted by…


How Far Can You Go With XAML?

After fiddling around with XAML a little bit yesterday, an embryonic idea was floating around in my head about why this was tied directly to Avalon. In other words, if XAML is an XML syntax for constructing Avalon objects and properties and wiring them up with the appropriate event handlers, what prevents XAML being abstracted…


UK Developer Briefing

If you’re based in the UK and couldn’t get to the PDC, you might be interested in the next best thing - a one day briefing that highlights the Microsoft developer technology roadmap. A number of us have been putting together a comprehensive day of material focused primarily on Yukon and Whidbey, so if you’re keen…