Being Don Malkovich

To anyone out there who aspires to be like Don Box - are you sure that's
really what you want
?! (Hint: if you've got children or need more than 6 hours
sleep a night, probably not...)

Surprisingly, I can't see any time set aside for writing code or Essential
.NET Volume 2 on Don's schedule - perhaps that's another day...

Comments (2)

  1. Don Box says:

    FWIW, that day was far from typical. the 7-10AM thing is just for 2-3 weeks. Normally I’m in the office between 9 and 10AM. I also get home to see the kids 3-4 nights a week.

    PDC changes all that but it’s a bounded thing.

  2. Tim Sneath says:

    Glad to hear it! Let’s hope things calm down soon – there are too many burnt out ex-Microsoft employees out there 🙁

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