.NET and J2EE Interoperability

Just noticed that Microsoft Press have recently published a new book by Simon
on interoperability
between .NET and J2EE
. I've not seen it yet, but a book like this is desperately
needed. I'm regularly asked about this and even if the question is not asked, you
can be sure that it's on the mind of most IT Directors who want to avoid being trapped
down one architectural path without hope of escape.

People often assume that the only option for getting .NET and J2EE to talk to each
other is web services; with the recent joint
from Microsoft and IBM and the separate
from Sun, this is an increasingly viable option. But there are
some great third-party alternative solutions that integrate at the .NET Remoting /
CORBA level, such as Intrinsyc Ja.NET, JNBridge and Borland

In the modern enterprise environment, it's not reasonable to presume that .NET or
J2EE will win out completely; most large companies could write a shorter list of what
technologies they don't have than the list of technologies they do have.
Software companies from all backgrounds need to be more mature about coexistence,
which is why it's good to see the WS-I
Basic Profile
gaining some traction amongst the major players.

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  1. Adam Cooper says:

    Just to give people a heads up.

    The product Ja.NET from Intrinsyc software has changed its name to "J-Integra for .NET" and is available here: http://j-integra.intrinsyc.com/products/net”>http://j-integra.intrinsyc.com/products/net.

    We have also released a new Corba .NET interoperability product – J-Integra Espresso.

    This product is our highest performing java/j2ee interoperability product and more information is available here:



    Adam Cooper


    J-Integra Interoperability Solutions


    high performance interop middleware for java, corba, com & .net

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