VBUG, Yukon and Vault

I gave a session on Yukon at the VBUG conference yesterday
- they're some of the friendliest developers I know, and it's always a pleasure to
work with them. User groups like this go a long way towards building community; at
the drinks reception, I was surrounded by people comparing notes on how they'd tackled
various problems and their experiences of .NET. It's always humbling to hear about
some of the challenges people are facing in the front-line, and I always leave
with a few unresolved questions...

One thing that surprised me was how few people have heard of SourceGear
yet. If you've exhausted the capabilities of Visual SourceSafe, you really
should try this product. It's entirely written in managed code with heavy use of web
services and uses SQL Server 2000 as its store. It integrates well with Visual Studio
.NET and claims to allow for a seamless transition from VSS. The guys are regularly
updating it and adding new features, and I've heard many people rave about it (they've
just released version 1.21, which fixes a few bugs). It's well worth a look if
you haven't seen it. (Also see Eric's blog,
which is a great read.)

Comments (1)

  1. Hey Tim, it was great to catch up with you at the drinks reception. It was great to add further evidence to my hypothesis that every technical person at Microsoft wears a Microsoft shirt!

    Based on your recommendation of SourceGear Valut I’m going to look into it further.

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