Office 2003 Now Available on MSDN

The final release code for Office 2003 (officially named Microsoft Office System 2003
Professional Enterprise Edition :-) has finally been made available to MSDN Subscribers.
Click here to
download - expect the site to be sluggish for a little while as developers across
the world effectively issue a DDOS against it...

The improvements in Office 2003 vary hugely between products: if there's a ton of
new features in Access, I'm yet to find them, for example. But as I've used the new
release, I've gradually grown fond of it. The customisable Search Folders in Outlook
are a life saver for managing an avalanche of email; the support in Outlook for RPC
over HTTP makes it a cinch to plug in to any Internet connection anywhere and get
at my mail without having to VPN into Microsoft (which involves smartcards and all
kinds of other goo). Lastly, the new note-taking application called OneNote is one
of the best inventions the Office team has come out with for a long while; I've used
it incessantly for meetings and note-taking since I first got my hands on it and I
don't miss the old days of Notepad documents everywhere for a minute.

More information on Office 2003 here.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where did you find OneNote – is is a separate download…my complete install doesn’t have it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it looks like OneNote won’t be available on MSDN until October 1st. Sorry about that…

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