Taking Time Out…

I'm taking a couple of weeks annual leave and have pledged to my wife that I'll leave
the computer switched off for the entire time. Since blogs are hard to update via
pigeon post I'll not be updating this for a little while.

It's the Microsoft tradition to leave a long and convoluted "Out of Office" message
to redirect incoming email to poor unsuspecting colleagues still at their desks. In
that same tradition, I'd like to suggest the following blogs to read until my return:

  • Robert Scoble - how the man does any
    work for Microsoft outside of the blogging world is beyond me.
  • Mike Gunderloy - co-author with myself of a
    book on Analysis Services, and all-round good egg.
  • Raymond Chen - full of insightful
    comments on the Windows shell.
  • Chris Brumme - always worth reading
    his blog entries to sharpen the intellectual saw.

Whose blogs would I love to read?

  • Steve
    - he's written some of the most interesting titles on
    the software development
  • Larry Wall - inventor of the Perl language
    and always full of insightful comments into the world of software and beyond.
  • Rob Howard - because he shared some good
    stuff whilst he was blogging and is overflowing with ASP.NET tips and tricks, but
    is obviously too busy working on Whidbey to update his blog... 🙁

See you in September!

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