Mind Mapping

Reading a good book
on mind mapping
at the moment, and it's revolutionising the way I take notes.
If you've never seen a mind map before, take a look at thisthis and this.
Like many similar concepts, I'm probably years behind the wave, but it's something
I've seen a number of people use internally in meetings at Microsoft and decided I
should investigate further.

A mind map is a creative, graphical way of representing a series of thoughts or some
information. Like many of the best ideas, it's extremely straightforward - there are
few rules to obey and the object is to encourage your brain to think creatively and
identify associations. I've been trying to actively use mindmaps to help me plan meetings
and conversations, as well as to remember information on a particular topic, and I've
definitely seen some benefits over a more linear notetaking approach already.

Worth a look. A couple of good websites are here and here.

Comments (1)

  1. Ray Schraff says:

    MindJet has really great mind mapping software called Mind Manager.

    I use it for all my brainstorming, task lists, presentation drafts, etc. etc. etc.

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