Microsoft Reader Free eBooks

I'm presuming most of you have spotted the free book promotion on the Microsoft Reader
site now, but if not, go
visit the site now
! This really is something for nothing, as the saying goes -
at first I presumed rather cynically that it would only be some old titles available,
but I've so far downloaded nine great titles that include Bill Bryson's latest title A
Short History of Nearly Everything
(which only came out lasts month), along with
the perennial favourite that is Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers
Guide to the Galaxy

There are books being offered right the way through to November, so there's an opportunity
to pick up a fantastic selection of over 60 ebook titles whilst the
promotion lasts. Don't forget too that you can sign up to the Microsoft
Reader Newsletter
to get pinged when new titles are available, so you don't miss
any! Further details here...

Goodness only knows why we're being so generous - make the most of it whilst it lasts!

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