A Brief Introduction

A belated entry to the world of blogging. My name is Tim Sneath, and I'm a developer
at Microsoft in the UK Developer & Platform Engineering group. As a group, our
focus is to help developers and architects adopt emerging technologies such as the
.NET Framework more effectively. I've been with the company for three years, having
previously worked both for a technical consultancy firm and as a freelance.

On a technical level, my areas of interest are the .NET Framework and SQL Server (particularly
the forthcoming release codenamed "Yukon"). I co-wrote a book on Analysis
for Sybex (with Mike
) not too long ago, and that technology remains particularly close to
my heart. You can expect to see most of my technical blogging revolving around these
areas and other cool Microsoft technology as and when it's available for general discussion.

Outside of work, my main interest is my nine month old daughter, Naomi,
who is the joy of our lives! We're also involved at our local
parish church
, where I play the piano (fairly well) and organ (appallingly).

Blogs are an interesting innovation as a social experiment, and I'm intrigued to see
whether they "cross the chasm" to my non-technical friends. Some people use them as
a kind of "dear diary", expressing all manner of personal observations; others use
them almost as a private newsgroup for themselves and their peers. I'm not sure quite
which category this will fall into - time will tell...

Thanks for your interest - I hope this becomes a useful read, rather than a narcissistic

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