Yukon Engine: CLR Integration III

The story so far: Part I: Overview of CLR Integration Part II: Creating and Hosting Managed Code in Yukon At the end of the last instalment, we’d created a simple user-defined function in C# and used the CREATE ASSEMBLY and CREATE FUNCTION statements to catalogue the assembly and function. But so far we’ve really only…


Yukon Engine: CLR Integration II

In the last instalment, we discussed the support in Yukon for writing stored procedures, user-defined functions and triggers using managed code. At this point, you might be wondering whether these new capabilities are the death knell for writing these objects using Transact-SQL. By no means! Both managed code and T-SQL will continue to play an…


The Exception Back Stop

One of my Paris-based colleagues, Nigel Watling, regularly posts insightful nuggets of information to an internal distribution list he’s responsible for. I suggested he start a blog back at TechEd last year, since he’s got enough material to make it really interesting. In the meantime, he pointed out a really useful sample that should be…


Epiphany in Advent

I’ve had something of an epiphany about Windows Management Instrumentation today. I always used to think that WMI was one of those dreary but worthy things that only systems administrators used to be interested in. A big improvement on SNMP for remotely configuring a file server, sure, but of limited interest to developers? I’ve just…


Yukon Engine: CLR Integration I

I thought it might be of interest to some to put a few notes up from the talk I gave on Yukon development last week. If nothing else, it’s helpful to me to have as a reminder for the next time I give this talk! I’ll split this into several parts for ease of access,…


Write Console Apps with .NET

I’ve been really amused by how excited people are by the enhanced console support in Whidbey. At our developer conference, there was a smattering of applause when Kieran demonstrated a text-mode version of Space Invaders written entirely in managed code (and that’s saying something – whilst US audiences are generous with their applause during sessions, we’re…


Yukon Engine: Slides and Demos

Following on from Friday’s talk on Yukon CLR integration and other engine enhancements, the following resources are available: Slides (limited notes included) Demos (require Whidbey and Yukon PDC builds) Happy to receive feedback or suggestions for improvement.


Reflections on the UK Developer Briefing

Last week was a quiet week on the blogging front, mainly because there was so much going on elsewhere. In particular, our team held our semi-annual UK developer briefing on Friday, which was the culmination of many weeks’ effort. We had over 500 people attend to hear sessions covering Yukon and Whidbey, with a keynote…


Taking a Look at the Bigger Picture

Anyone remember TerraServer? About five years ago, it was one of our higher profile demonstration sites – over 1TB of satellite imagery data crammed into a single SQL Server database. That doesn’t sound nearly as impressive today when I’ve got a single 500GB USB2 drive humming quietly under my desk, but at the time it…


XAML Patch for Visual Studio “Whidbey”

A patch has been made available for the Longhorn SDK and Visual Studio “Whidbey” releases distributed at the PDC; it fixes a number of issues with editing XAML files. They warned about some of these problems at the PDC: many times you’d create something that was perfectly valid XAML but still had red squiggly lines…