Setting up Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2013 development offline

*********************************************  Update - 3/12/2013  ******************************************

Microsoft has release RTM versions of some of the items above and the links have been update.



If you are getting started with App or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 development, you will notice that there is no option in Visual Studio 2012 when you first install it.


In order to get the templates into VS, you need to install Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 which can be found here: (direct install :

Unfortunately, this leverages the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which does not play well in closed environments. The Microsoft Web Platform Installer will install the following items:

Microsoft Identity Extensions

Workflow Manager Client 1.0

Microsoft Exchange Web Services 2.0

Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation SDK 4.0

Microsoft SharePoint Client Components

Microsoft Workflow Manger Tools

Cumulative Update 1.0 for Microsoft Workflow Manager Tools


Open XML SDK 2.5

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime

Microsoft LightSwitch HTML Client Preview 2 for Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 - Preview 2

Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 - RTM


Once these items have been downloaded and installed on your development machine and double-click to install them, you will see that there is the option to create Apps and other items for Office and SharePoint 2013.


Unfortunately, if you try to create a project for any of these new fun items, you will get the following error:

An error occurred whilst trying to load some required components, Please ensure the following prerequisite components are installed.

Microsoft Web Developer Tools

Microsoft Exchange Web Services"

The problem is that the Microsoft Web Platform Installer adds parameters when installing the Microsoft Exchange Web Services that must be used in order to get around the error. If you have already installed the Microsoft Exchange Web Services, uninstall it from Control Panel and then open up a command prompt. Navigate to the location of EwsManagedApi32.msi. In the command prompt, run

EwsManagedApi32.msi addlocal="ExchangeWebServicesApi_Feature,ExchangeWebServicesApi_Gac"


Once that has finished installing, open up Visual Studio 2012 and enjoy creating apps for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.





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  1. Chris says:

    Thank you! Been Battling with the exchange web services api, now its 100% working!

  2. Fredrik says:

    Great post! Thanks

  3. Otyce says:

    Thank you very much for your post.

  4. Dylan Berry says:

    Whichever MS Team is responsible for this should ensure they release a improved offline installer right away, the current state is pretty abysmal.

  5. Jeffrey McFarland says:

    The link for Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 does not work. When the web installer tries to download and error occurs:

    Microsoft Web Platform Installer couldn't find the product you tried to install. Either the link you clicked is incorrect or you may be overriding you feed with a different feed.

  6. Thanks Tim, Good post. Installing EwsManagedApi32.msi. has resolved the issue for me.

  7. Krishna Prasad says:

    Excellent Post.  Thanks a lot.  

  8. Francisco Gonçalves says:

    Very good post. Thanks

  9. Thank You for your efforts and share, Tim.

  10. Abu Shaeeb says:

    Thanks a lot, It solved my issue. Otherwise I was going to do all from scratch.. 🙂

  11. Deepak Rajan says:

    Guys, me too faced this issue but I managed to resolve it with simple steps:

    1. Download officetools_bundle from this direct link

    2. Run the setup and allow it to complete.

    3. Open visual studio 2012 and enjoy developing apps for SP 2013.


  12. Larry K says:

    Thank you! Thank you!

  13. Nick says:

    Worked like a charm for me. Much appreciated!

  14. Pradeep Nulu says:

    Thanks Tim. your post helped me to get around prerequisite error

  15. RK says:

    Thanks it helps a lot

  16. I do all the steps, but stills shows me that I need Install the SharePoint 2013, what I can do?

  17. mr.dastouri says:

    tnx this works

  18. mohammareza.dastouri says:

    carlos you need to install sharepoint Foundation/server to develop sp2013 apps

  19. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    Thanks Tim, your post was really helpful.

  20. Krishna says:

    good post very useful 🙂

  21. Mahmoud Roushdy says:

    Nice man many thanks for you

  22. William says:

    Thank you!!! Saved me days of work!

  23. Olijosh says:

    Thanks Tim. Finally able to start my SharePoint development after a frustrating couple of hours.

  24. What is the new Analytics Processing Component in SharePoint 2013? Ans: The Analytics Processing Component in SharePoint Server 2013 analyzes both the Content and the way users interact with it.The results from the analysis are added to the items in the s says:

    What is the new Analytics Processing Component in SharePoint 2013?

    Ans: The Analytics Processing Component in SharePoint Server 2013 analyzes both the Content and the way users interact with it.The results from the analysis are added to the items in the search index to be used by Search Webparts,Recommendation Reports,Most Popular Items reports and other WebParts.

  25. Jacqui says:

    Brilliant, thanks.

    Excellent and easy to follow tutorial 🙂

  26. Pradeep karuvaril says:

    Thanks TIM

  27. Zaid says:

    Its Working Thanks.

  28. sharad says:

    I did uninstall it and reinstall it again from command line a lot time, but not finding suitable solution, still getting same error i referred all below links but not working for me.





    I am using "Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012"

  29. shyma says:

    thanks this's help 🙂

    #SharePoint dream

  30. mkamoski says:

    Dear Tim Quinlan —

    Please help, all installed except for "Cumulative Update for Workflow Manager 1.0 (KB2799754)" where I got the following error..


    …installation failed….

    …see the log file…

    C:ProgramDataMicrosoftE-Business Servers UpdatesUpdatesUninstall2799754Setup.log

    …for details…

    [06/09/14 14:24:22] Starting process "C:Windowssystem32..sysnativewindowspowershellv1.0powershell.exe" -NoLogo -NonInteractive -NoProfile -WindowStyle Hidden -ExecutionPolicy

    RemoteSigned -File UnifiedWFHotfixUpgrade.PS1 -HotfixType "CS" -PackageType "server" -opcode "PatchAfter" -platform "x64" …

    [06/09/14 14:24:39] Process exit code is -1.

    WARNING: Workflow Manager farm is not yet configured or not properly

    configured.  Details: Failure in connecting to SQL Server..

    Complete-WFHostUpgrade : Name of this host is

    different from the name stored in farm configuration.

    At C:ProgramDataMicrosoftE-Business Servers

    UpdatesUpdatesUninstall2799754UnifiedWFHotfixUpgrade.PS1:584 char:5

    …so how can adjust things and re-install this update?

    Please advise.


    —  Mark Kamoski

  31. ummer says:

    great article

  32. Ummer says:

    Great articles

  33. says:

    This is completely stupid waste of time. Where the hell is the offline installer? JUST CREATE AN OFFLINE INSTALLER? TOO HARD? I wonder when Google is going to create a Collaboration tool and kick SharePoint out of the marketplace.

    Microsoft wants developers to be productive but also waste their time while they battle/struggle/suffer/try/attempt/strive/be haunted just to install their products. This is one simple heck of a task, and look at the number of people who are going through it.


  34. QLDdude says:

    This blog post saved me all the troubles I had with VS2012. Thanks to Tim

  35. Dinesh says:

    I still have problem after installing all this..

    When I go to New Project ->Office/SharePoint->SharePoint Solutions and click on any any option

    SharePoint 2013 -Empty Project, SharePoint 2013 Visual Webpart. I am getting same error.

    "SharePoint Not Installed

    The required version of SharePoint Foudnation 2013 or SharePoint Server 2013 is not installed on this system. To develop SharePoint solutions or browse SharePoint connections in server explorer, SharePoint must be installed on that local system. Make sure that the local  server referenced by the SharePoint project exists."

    Can anyone please help me..everyday I am wasting 2-3 hrs to fix this issue from last 1 week.

  36. androo235 says:

    Same issue, or similar. I have several editions of SQL Server and Visual Studio installed, either express or evaluation 2008/2010/2012/2013/2014. I hadn't intended it to be this way it's just that by the time I'd got something working it was what I'd ended up with. In general I echo mazdev's comments, a few entries above, except that I like MS functionality.

    Anyway, in trying to try out sharepoint development in Visual Studio 2013 (or SSDT for Visual Studio 2013, both seem to open the same thing, don't they?) I am being frustrated. It's the uncertainty,and the wasted time, that's killing me. Am I trying to do something that just isn't supposed to work for an evaluation home development setup. Is the only answer to apply money? How much? What to? Moreover doesn't it feel good to be made to feel stupid and posting my troubles here only publishes that. Great.

    Here's the message I've been getting.

    Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools is not installed.

    You must first install Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools.

    To install Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, open the Visual Studio installer and choose modify.

    Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools will appear in the list of optional features.

    Alternatively substitute "Microsoft Web Developer Tools" for " Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools". I get that message too.

    Either way it's a completely useless message as the visual studio installer (I assume this means going to control panel, then programmes and features and then choosing change) doesn't offer the "modify" option, only repair or uninstall. I tried repair, it repaired it, it said, but offered no options as it did and afterwards I still can't install the things needed to work with sharepoint.

    I haven't yet tried Tim's solution, maybe it will work for my 2012 installation (Express or Evaluation?), but I won't be surprised if it doesn't (no criticism of Tim intended, he offers his fix in good faith I'm sure).

    I have just spent at least an hour just trying to find somewhere in the labyrinth of MS help sites to post a question about this – even that has ended in defeat, unless I want to pay £199+VAT for a support incident help. It's appalling, I think the fact that they are able to insulate themselves from the mass of customers like this enables them to get away with useless error messages such as that I've quoted above.

    Anyway, rant over. I'll try Tim's fix and then when it doesn't work go and post the "problem" on a community site and hope that I get sensible answers (Tim doesn't seem to respond to posts here….).

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    Thanks for this helpful information I agree with all points you have given to us. I will follow all of them.

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  38. Kamil says:

    Great post!! Worked as a charm!! Thank You

  39. Divya says:

    Followed above steps, but getting error message stating that "Installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2711.

    Can anyone please help me out in this?

  40. Divya says:

    I got the solution. Installed latest version available Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.1

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