Another super-helpful place to get help on InfoPath

Check out this location.   Seems to be pretty active    Some people who I’m in contact with are very diligent about responding to questions posted here, and it looks like a great resource to get your sticky InfoPath questions answered. Thanks, Tim


Tips and Tricks for Tuning Forms Services Performance

Folks, I’m hearing a lot of issues about people having trouble getting InfoPath 2007 forms published to Forms Services on MOSS 2007 to run well.   People complain that the rendering and roundtripping operations just take too darn long.   There is some guidance available on how to build performant forms for the Rich Client (, and…


Copying Data from a Secondary Datasource to a Child Table in a Main Datasource

This code sample documents a block of VB.Net code I had to write recently for retrieving a block of data from a secondary datasource, and then copying that data into a child table of a dataset in the main datasource.    I’ve copied it over as is for my benefit as much as yours – I lost…


XPathNavigator Control in VB.NET

VB.NET and probably the other managed code languages uses a new syntax for specifying nodes and traversing XML in a form.   I don’t claim to have a firm grasp on this, I only know what works.   Let’s say you’ve got a field in your form whose value you set via rules or defaults, like a datetime field.  …


Custom Task Panes in InfoPath 2007 Using VB.NET

Folks, Just starting to get involved in dealing with VB.NET and VSTA in InfoPath 2007.   A lot of what I’ve taken for granted in InfoPath 2003 and JScript no longer applies.   Take Custom Task Panes for example.   A neat idea, and super-useful.   Doesn’t work the same way in InfoPath 2007.   Well some of it does.   For…