New Control for Picking People out of the GAL

From   This basically provides a control for GAL selection that supercedes my custom code that appears earlier in this blog.   From what I’m reading, this is strictly a Forms Services thing from MOSS 2007.  Haven’t had a chance to play with it but looks to be a godsend.    The Contact Selector Control  [This topic is pre-release documentation and…


Retrieving URL Path With No Code

Recent request from a customer: What we need to be able to do is to somehow programmatically access, in infopath, the sharepoint form library folder name from which the form was opened. Cool way to get this done (from Scott Heim’s inexhaustible code sample archive): substring-before(substring-after(/processing-instruction(), ‘href=”‘), ‘”‘)   Used as the default value in…


InfoPath 2007 No Code UserName Retrieval

Just posted on using C# and the new object model in InfoPath 2007 to retrieve the current user.   I have 3 other posts that deal with this issue as well.  Believe it or not, the product team has actually addressed this in with a no code solution in InfoPath 2007.  Follow these steps to see…


Getting Current User in InfoPath 2007 via C#

Folks, Got a little code sample from a fellow watcher of Pashman’s Goldmine (thanks Huseyin) on how to retreive the username of the current user via C# code.  Since all code samples are useful, I’ve posted it below: public void FormEvents_Loading(object sender, LoadingEventArgs e) { string xpath = “/my:oneriForm/my:nameTxt”; string userName1; XPathNavigator field1 = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode(xpath,…


Programmatically Launching Another Form from Within a Form

Application.XDocuments.NewFromSolution(urlToXsnFile) or Application.XDocuments.Open(urlToXmlFile)   Your form will need to require full trust in order to use either of these OM methods.   Keep it simple, right? Tim


Return Solution Version in an Expression Box

Folks, Don’t claim to understand this 100%, but I do know it works.   Put this formula inside a formula dialog box for an expression box on your form, and when you invoke it it’ll show you the current solution version – without having to write code! substring-before(substring-after(/processing-instruction(), ‘solutionVersion=”‘), ‘”‘) Thanks, Tim  Edited on 10/7 per…


Manipulating Secondary Datasources using C#

Hey folks, Like many of you, I’m being dragged into the land of managed code in order to achieve things that I’ve had oodles of JScript code samples to do for a long time.   The InfoPath Toolkit for VS.NET allows you to write code in either VB or C#; since C# looked more like JScript,…


Increasing the TimeOut Value on Database Submit

Folks,    Had an issue recently where a user of one of my solutions had pretty terrible bandwidth to the SQL server where they needed to submit data.   The default timeout value on submits is 30 seconds.   As it turn out, the default for queries too is 30 seconds.   You can reset that value fairly easily…


Functionality Lost in InfoPath 2007 "Web-Enabled" Forms

Quick update to this post (6/7/2007).   Saw this article which is pretty comprehensive on this topic.   Worth a read.  Folks, Getting tired of waiting for a list to be published, so will start to build my own from scratch as I go along.   Many of you know that InfoPath 2007 will have the ability to…


Awesome Webcast on Digital Signatures in InfoPath

Folks, I had to skill up recently on the use of digital signatures in InfoPath, and this webcast I found is pretty amazing.   I had no idea how rich the support in InfoPath for digital signatures was, and this webcast goes into *deep* detail.   I found myself dozing off after about 45 minutes, but that…