Getting Current User in InfoPath 2007 via C#


Got a little code sample from a fellow watcher of Pashman's Goldmine (thanks Huseyin) on how to retreive the username of the current user via C# code.  Since all code samples are useful, I've posted it below:

public void FormEvents_Loading(object sender, LoadingEventArgs e)


string xpath = "/my:oneriForm/my:nameTxt";

string userName1;

XPathNavigator field1 = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode(xpath, NamespaceManager);

//string oldValue = field1.Value; // Read

string strUserName = System.Environment.UserName;

//userName1 = System.Environment.


// Write

In this case the user wanted the full user name too, and I advised him to try and replace the System.Environment.UserName with System.Environment.FriendlyName.   I'll let you know if that worked.

Comments (2)

  1. Bob_Chauvin says:

    System.Environment.UserName requires Full trust, or more precisely a

    permission that only Full trust forms would get.

    Note that System.Environment.UserName will not return the real WSS user

    name, which I assume your code actually needs. Instead, we recommend using

    the InfoPath OM to get the user name.

  2. jackinthegreen says:


    I know and used infopath 2003 c# code toolkit with, now I see that this is the case with infopath 2007 and VS2005. Unfortunately I have ot use infopath2003 for now, but I am also using VS 2005. Is their support for creating infopath2003 c# apps in VS 2005 or am I screwed till my company ugrades to office 2007?  I tried to open the infopath 2003 toolkit for in vs 2005 hoping it would convert, but it threw an error instead saying it required

    Thanks for any help on this!!

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