Calling the Outlook Address Book from InfoPath

Ok, so I’m no code slinger, but once in a while I get my hands dirty and write (more like customize existing) code.   Many times I have to break the bad news to customers that Outlook as a forms tool linking to Public Folders is going the way of the dodo.   Therefore I get requests…


Another Useful Microsofter Blog

Folks, I don’t know this individual directly, but he his a peer and he seems more developer oriented.   His name is Philo Janus and his posts go a little deeper than mine into the realm of code-slinging.  If that’s your thing, then go here  Tim


Partner Solutions to Allow Thin Client Access to InfoPath Forms

 This is a straight dump of my ongoing OneNote archive of partners that offer thin client access to InfoPath forms.  It’s disorganized, but so is the market, and when Office 12 comes out many of these solutions will be obsolete.   What is VisionForms? InfoPath is a component of the Microsoft Office System for gathering…


JScript Sample That Finds Blank Rows and Removes Them

I had a solution that aggregated multiple XML posts in a SharePoint Form Library into one document.   It was to consolidate multiple employee end of month reports into one big report.   The problem was that many of the areas of the InfoPath form that were supposed to be filled out weren’t – for valid reasons -…


Microsoft Tools to Save InfoPath Forms as HTML

Using the HTML to XHTML Conversion Tool The Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK) HTML to XHTML conversion tool allows you to convert regular HTML into well-formed XHTML that can be edited in an InfoPath form. Using the Downlevel Tool The Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK) Downlevel tool is…


Who are InfoPath’s Competitors?

In no particular order: Adobe Document Server, Adobe Reader MetaStorm PureEdge Cardiff Software – Liquid Office I’ll edit this post as more come online.


Snippet on Traversing XML

A while ago I asked someone to explain to me when to use “.”, “/” and the combination of both in order to get to where I want to be in the XML tree.   This is what they sent me: You can continue to reference the node that you are listening on (using OnAfterChange) using…


Use of the Current() Function

One of the most annoying things that can happen in InfoPath is a problem that occurs when you are using Filtered Data to populate a second dropdown from the results picked in an initial dropdown in a repeating section or repeating table (a.k.a. cascading filtered dropdowns).  The problem can also arise in rules that set values…


Retrieve username from logon environment.

The following is the most common code snippet I offer to people.    The original authors are mentioned in the post below.   INFOPATHFAQ010124 – from the web, can you pass a users login to a form? – 8 Comments – stephencummins – Mon, Aug 18th, 2003 – Development If the username and password are…