Differences in Security Between Custom Lists and Form Libraries

Folks, Some of you may notice at some point that you can have nice granularity of security settings in WSS/Portal on custom lists.   If you look you’ll see that you can you allow people to add items but not delete, not see other’s people’s postings, etc.   What may seem odd to you is that the…


Getting a Unique Value for a Field

I’ve been asked multiple times on how to get a guaranteed unique value for a field in a form.   It normally comes up in the context of a tracking id, or a request id – something that you know will be unique and will be a way to recall that entry at some point in…


Getting Just Unique Values in a Dropdown via XPATH

Something that has dogged me for a long time is the fact that when I’m doing cascading filtered dropdowns I’ve had to set up more than one data connection in order to accommodate the right behavior.  I generally have a two column datasource coming from SQL; one column that contains values that will repeat, and then…


How to Populate Current User in Form Without Needing a Code Signing Certificate

Folks, On my Blog I have two code samples that talk about pulling the Current User information based on the user’s authentication to Active Directory and populating it into a form.   One sample uses JScript and the other uses VB.Net.    The JScript sample requires that the solution be signed with a Level 2 code signing…


Passing Command Line Parameters to a New Form

Got this question from a customer, and someone else came to my rescue with info on this post http://www.geekswithblogs.net/bpaddock/archive/2004/05/14/4907.aspx Basically this guy has figured out how to launch a new InfoPath form in code that is prepopulated programmatically with values.   I’ve used BizTalk to do this, but to do it in code is nice too….


Switching Views After Merge

Here’s a little code snippet on how to programmatically switch views.   This example switches the view after a merge event on a Form Library, which is very cool. function XDocument::OnAfterImport(eventObj) { XDocument.View.SwitchView(“ManagerView”); } This sample had two views on it, an Initiator View and a Manager View.   The form starts in the Initiator View and…


Using Data View Web Part to Limit What Entries Users See

Had a major epiphany today on how to handle a long standing issue.   I love demoing InfoPath paired with a Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Form Library.   It’s an awesome end to end solution that is cheap and easy to understand and set up.   The problem has always been that it’s not really possible to easily…


Definitive Source for Code to Automate E-Mailing Forms

You will find that at some point you need to be a little more clever with sending mail than what InfoPath will allow you to do with just the GUI and dataconnections.  A colleague of mine, Scott Heim, sent me an awesome little XSN file that had 4 buttons in it that highlighting four different…


More Ways to Pull Info from Active Directory

Here is a posting from Tom Mata, a colleague of mine from Armstrong Industries, who found an alternate way to reach into AD and get information on the current logged on user (compare and contrast this to Lab 15 in the InfoPath Labs that I reference on 10/17/05).   I had been looking and looking…


Calling the Outlook Address Book from InfoPath

Ok, so I’m no code slinger, but once in a while I get my hands dirty and write (more like customize existing) code.   Many times I have to break the bad news to customers that Outlook as a forms tool linking to Public Folders is going the way of the dodo.   Therefore I get requests…