Want good performance? Start your own performance culture

Recently I’ve been reading up on Rico Mariani’s blog.  What a gem!   One especially profound article he’s posted talks about the challenges in promoting  good performance culture.  First-rate performance doesn’t happen by accident.  Like having a solid feature set, it must be deliberate.  This applies whether you’re writing a new platform as large as WPF, or the single developer working on a smaller project.  


What sets performance apart from feature development is how that happens.  Features are tangible pieces of functionality that are designed and implemented.  In some ways, good performance in less tangible, and is almost always the by-product of a good performance culture.   If you want a blazing fast app, you have to start by cultivating the performance way of thinking.  It isn’t until you start setting performance goals, writing your applications with a performance mindset, and habitually (or obsessively) profiling your performance scenarios do you start to make progress. 


You can read Rico’s full article here: Buckle up: it’s going to be a bumpy ride

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