This blog is no longer being updated or maintained, but it is archived for future use.  Please direct all WPF performance inquires to the WPF forum: Thanks, Tim


Comprehensive (& awesome) guide to WPF performance

If you’re like the many folks who have asked us for a ‘list of performance suggestions’, your prayers have been answered.  My colleague & friend Kiran Kumar, has partnered with the brilliant folks on our SDK team (Lorin in particular), to document as much WPF perf knowledge as they could come up with.  Due to…


The low-rent guide to WPF profiling

Since I posted my initial article on command-line profiling, I’ve found a number of folks copy/paste off of it fairly often, with moderate success.  If you don’t want to know all of the ‘why’s’ and just want to get your profile, run the the following steps and copy/paste the commands. 1.  Install VSTS Team Suite…


Optimizing 3D Collections in WPF

  Background   Over the past few months we’ve been getting feedback that manipulating 3D collections can be slow.  It turns out there is more that one way to skin a … collection (horse references omitted).  In this article I profile many of the collection manipulation options for you, so you can make better choices…


MSDN TV on WPF Performance

My colleague Henry Hahn & I have recorded a primer on WPF performance for all to see.  Available on MSDN TV as of yesterday, we discuss the approaches that we take when optimizing WPF applications.  Make sure and check us out!


DevX on WPF graphics, performance, and Expression ID integration

A couple days ago, an article was posted on the DevX portal discussing WPF graphics & performance (my favorite two subjects).  You can find it here here .  Definitely worth a read, especially since Mr. Woodruff mentions this blog!   It’s always really interesting to how the external press views our platform, both positive and otherwise.  One…


WPF Graphics Performance Q & A – Some explanations about WPF graphics architecture & overhead

  I’ve been getting a lot of the same performance questions over the last few months regarding the WPF graphics model, so I thought I’d post some responses for everyone to see.  This should shed some light on what WPF does and doesn’t offer in terms of fast vector graphics.    It’s likely that I’m going…


Performance improvements in WPF Beta2

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Beta2 of the Windows Presentation Foundation went live on 5/23.  And since the February CTP, we’ve been doing tons of great performance work. Many scenarios, especially 3D applications & apps using 1000’s of Shapes, will see significant improvements.   With that said, if you’re having a performance problem, don’t…


Tieing up a few loose ends

I’ve 3 new tricks to add to a few of my earlier postings: 1.  In my batch file for VSTS profiling I use sleep.exe.  This isn’t on a few of my machines, so you may not have it either.  A quick web search shows this is part of the Windows Server 2003 resource kit.  You…


Profiling kernel time in WPF

I just found out something neat.  VSTS tells you how many samples were taken in kernel mode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you where in kernel mode that time was spent.  But, it does tell you if you need to be thinking about kernel-mode time, which makes it an even better tool to use on the front line…