New England Code Camp

It's official - I'll be going to the New England Code Camp this weekend and presenting two talks on LINQ features and Visual Basic. I hope that it will be a blast, and if you're around the New England area, I hope you drop by!

The two talks I have planned are "LINQ Fundamentals" (all about understanding the core concepts of LINQ and how LINQ queries translate into language features) and "LINQ-ing your data" (all about understanding how LINQ changes the way you view your data, with particular focus on LINQ to XML and XML features in VB).

I'll be hanging around before/after the talks, so if you just wanna stop by and talk VB, LINQ, or compiler stuff in general, that'll be cool too! It looks like there will be a bunch of good talks at this code camp as well, so definitely try to stop by if you're in the area.

After the talks, I'll post information and samples/slide decks on my blog (or the VB team blog, which ever is more appropriate).

Hope to see you there!

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