Devices for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1

Sorry for the lack of presence here - we've been busy working on the beta 1 release that is now out the door and hopefully in your hands. We've made a lot of device improvements to this beta over the Community Technology Previews, so I hope that you have had a chance to get the beta and try out the device features.

If you are trying out the beta and have some questions/feedback regarding design and scenarios, feel free to send them my way (keep in mind that I mainly work on the native debugger; you can see links to other teammates that work on other parts of the product - you can send them feedback if you have questions about that area. But regardless, I will forward feedback as necessary to my team mates). We try to accomodate feedback as best we can, and we are obviously running on a tight schedule, so the earlier we get feedback, the higher the chance it will be incorporated into the product.

One of the things that we have worked hard to improve is the "out of the box" experience with deployment and debugging. The CTP releases had problems with them so that many people weren't able to try deploying/debugging to a device or an emulator. Hopefully the beta 1 release has nailed these issues - if you are still running into problems, feel free to post questions on the newsgroups or post feedback here.

Look for a future post to help diagnose deployment/debugging failures; in the mean time, enjoy the beta 🙂

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