MDC Push

For the last couple of weeks, my team has been pushing hard to enable key scenarios for MDC. Needless to say, the MDC release is a community release (or alpha release) and although we have made a huge effort to get a solid release out the door, there is still room for improvement and feedback.

On the debugger team, we have made tremendous progress over the last 6 - 8 months. As I stated before, the native embedded debugger is a complete rearchitecture first to improve the robustness and performance over eVC, and second to integrate nicely into the Visual Studio IDE.

As MDC gets closer, I will be able to disclose more scenarios that are enabled for the MDC bits and some scenarios that won't work in the MDC bits but are planned for the final product. In the mean time, we will continue to solidfy key scenarios and features as we now start the push towards Beta.

If there is any feedback you have from the eVC debugger and have a wishlist of suggestions for the new Whidbey native device debugger, just post feedback!

Comments (3)

  1. Neil Cowburn says:

    We will be able to do mixed mode debugging with the MDC bits? I would love to be able to debug native code from a managed app and vice versa.

  2. Neil Cowburn says:

    "Will we", not "We will".

  3. Timothy Ng says:

    Hey there Neil,

    I just spoke with a co-worker who did a demo at the last PDC where a managed app p/invoke’d into a native DLL and the native debugger was attached to the application for native debugging the DLL.

    The bits that you will get at MDC should allow you to do native and managed process attach and debug, but interop debugging (debugging both managed and native at the same time) will not be in the MDC build, and chances are won’t be in Whidbey (but hey, who knows what can happen 🙂

    When you get the MDC bits (which may also be part of MSDN – see for more details), I can say more about what features are expected in the MDC bits and how to get to them (because it is an alpha build, after all), and what features should be polished by beta.



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