Devices for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1

Sorry for the lack of presence here – we’ve been busy working on the beta 1 release that is now out the door and hopefully in your hands. We’ve made a lot of device improvements to this beta over the Community Technology Previews, so I hope that you have had a chance to get the…


Beta 1 Push

The last month has been marked by a push for stability for Beta 1 that we could have never imagined. We laugh now as we reminisce on our plans from January. I remember telling my team mates that “it would be nice if we could step through ‘if’ statements in beta 1, and if we…


MDC Push

For the last couple of weeks, my team has been pushing hard to enable key scenarios for MDC. Needless to say, the MDC release is a community release (or alpha release) and although we have made a huge effort to get a solid release out the door, there is still room for improvement and feedback….


Smart Devices Native C++ Debugger

I’m a developer for the Smart Devices Native Debugger that will be released with Visual Studio Whidbey. We have been working really hard on delivering a solid native C++ debugger for smart devices (including devices in the Pocket PC family, Smartphone family, and custom Windows CE devices). For those that have used eVC 4.x for…