One-Liner: Getting My Documents and Other Special Folders

I have roaming profiles, which is great until I need to reference stuff in my Documents folder.  Sure, I can hardcode \\ProfilerServer10\Mydocs2\timdunn\My Documents into my script, but I want to make my scripts more reusable by my team members.  The closest I’ve been able to find is

Split-Path –Parent –Path (Split-Path –Leaf –Path $Profile)

There’s still enough parse-by-prayer in there for me to be uneasy with it.  Recently, I found this:


thanks to

That’s really all about it.  When I get a chance, I’ll move my unified profile to that folder instead of simply $HOME\WindowsPowerShell.  Of course, I’ll need to change the $ProfileData:profileSystemFolder away from WindowsPowerShell, because that’s where $PROFILE actually lives.

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