Drive-by: PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension

Adam Driscoll has embedded PowerGUI's script editor engine in Visual Studio.  Unfortunately, it doesn't leverage Visual Studio's text editing features, such as virtual space, word wrap, etc.  It's just PowerGUI Script Editor running in a Visual Studio window.

Still, for those in love with Visual Studio, that's great. 

Download the VSIX here:

However, there are a two catches.


The easy one is that it is coded against PowerGUI Script Editor 3.2.  It won't work with the current version 3.7.  That's easy enough to handle. 

Download the MSI here:

Download the other files, such as the documentation, here:


The harder one is that it is also coded against Visual Studio 10.  It won't work with any later version.  To work around this:

- Download PowerGUIVsx.vsix

- Rename it to

- Extract extension.vsixmanifest from the ZIP file

- Edit extension.vsixmanifest so the <VisualStudio Version="10.0"> becomes whichever version you are currently running.

- Drag extension.vsixmanifest back into the ZIP file

- Rename the ZIP file back to PowerGUIVsx.vsix


Two disclaimers:

1. YMMV.  For me, it's worth the trouble so I can use the rest of VS. 

2. This is documented all over the web.  I'm documenting it here so I can point my coworkers at it in case they ask.  This is nothing original.

Comments (2)

  1. timdunn says:

    Looks like they pulled 3.2 from their download site.  This is a dead end…

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