Setting Font in PowerShell.exe Window, Sort Of…

To change the font in the current PowerShell.exe window, copy-and-paste all but the last line from

Now, for the obligatory caveats:

  • It changes the font only for the current window.  It does not change the properties for all windows like clicking through the Properties tabs, and then applying it to all windows (if so prompted) does.
  • It doesn’t give you a font name.  Get-ConsoleFontInfo gives a rather terse table that is of very little use.  The number of rows in the table is the number of choices you have.  It’s not consistent from computer to computer, and is not even immutable.  It’s initially populated with the various Raster font sizes, but no TTFs.  As you use TTFs on the system, they will be inserted into the table in the order as dictated by the size of the character.
  • You have to try Set-ConsoleFont n until you find the right one for the current computer.  The name-to-nFont number is locked away in the Console Font Table, which is often rumoured, but never actually shown.


Not very useable, is it?

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