Tech Tips: Command Prompt++ – the console.exe tool

Much of this blog deals with PowerShell, which is primarily command-line.  PowerShell.exe is built on top of cmd.exe, and inherits the strengths (if you call block selecting a strength) and weaknesses from its progenitor.  Yes, PowerShell has an ISE, but its inability to politely handle terminal control (e.g., man, more.exe) precludes it from many tasks.

Enter console.exe, found at  To be accurate, the project is actually named 'Console 2.0', explicitly called out here for search engine indexing.  It provides a modern terminal interface, and allows other shells to be hosted, such as cmd.exe (default), PowerShell, and CygWin *sh.

From its project page, here's a screenshot of it in action:

 console.exe from sourceforge

And here's how it looks on my desktop:

Console Screenshot

Attached is my config file - just install Console 2.0 and copy console.xml over the default one. 

For the shortcut, use multiple -t parameters to open more than one tab.  For example, here's the 'target' line from my shortcut: "C:\Program Files (port)\Console2\Console.exe" -t CMD -t PSH"


Comments (2)

  1. LindaClaudine says:

    Do I even need the original version? When I go to remove it, get error msg. that an XP update might be affected as well as UPUn which I have no idea what that is are why it is on my pc.

  2. LindaClaudine says:

    not "are" on my … but "or" ….

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