How To: Generate Code from Team System UML Diagrams in VS 2010 Team System Beta 2 (Update 4)

UPDATE: You can find an updated description for VS 2010 RTM here Here is the first code-snippet about how to generate code from UML-Diagrams using T4 Text-Templates.  Here are the steps: 1. Create a model project called ModelingProject1.modelproj 2. Insert Classes with properies at the root level of the model using the diagrams 3. Create…


tangible T4 Editor (Alpha) in VS2010 Beta 2 shows up….

Speedy development – awesome design. With no code changes between Beta1 and Beta 2 the tangible T4 Editor in its current alpha bits form brings light to “.tt” files in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 right from the start. Go get it from the extension manager to start customizing code generation and wizrards in VS2010…


My personal View on "Oslo"

I want to share my personal view on Oslo with you. It’s personal as it might not fully be aligned with the official Microsoft Message. I will first look at Oslo repository and associated tools to interact with models stored in the repository.     1. Repository to store metadata (referred to as Model)    I have…


Info on "How to call GAX-based T4 Templates (that have a Property Directive) from standard T4 Templates" posted by tangible

GAT/GAX toolkit has been using property directive in Text Templates like this. <#@ template language=”C#” #> <#@ output extension=”.cs” #> <#@ property processor=”PropertyProcessor” name=”ClassName” type=”System.String” #> <#@ property processor=”PropertyProcessor” name=”Namespace” type=”System.String” #> namespace <#= Namespace #> {     class <#= ClassName #> {      // more.    } } While this directive is not supported…


New T4 "How Do I?"-Videos , new T4 Editor and Online T4 Template Gallery

As Jean Marc and Oleg pointed out T4 is getting more attention now. Tangible Engineering did now post new T4 How Do I Videos and released another great T4 editor V1.3 that comes with an Online T4 Template Gallery, intellisense and syntax-highlihting and uml-style diagrams in its free edition… Check out the videos showing the…


Generating a Website from any Database

Starting with .NET 3.5 SP1 Microsoft provides serious support for automated UI Generation in Web-Scenarios. The Technology behind this is called ASP.NET Dynamic Data and will evolve in the future. Basically the technology reads the meta data from the database model at runtime and generates Web Pages for data entry, edit and listing accordingly. You…


Software + Services – What is it all about?

Microsoft recently announced Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform at PDC. Many of you might wonder how this is related to Software + Services and what the scenarios in which developers benefit most from Azure. First I want to highlight the benefits for Software + Services such as delivering a consistent user-experience and access…


The .NET Platform Explorer Site and the .NET Solution Wizard

In Germany we just launched the .NET Platform Explorer Site which has a new Solution Wizard which helps you to find the technologies you need to use to implement a specific application types along with associated trainings and samples and a list of optional features to choose from. Check it out here