MSDN-Solve Code Clips zum Thema Smart Client-Entwicklung mit WPF, Silverlight 2

Wir haben gerade neue Clips auf veröffentlicht, die zeigen, wie man mit .NET 3.5 SP1 ASP.NET Dynamic Data, ADO.NET Data Services, 3-Tier Anwendungen via Silverlight und WPF in ein einem Shared-Source Scenario erstellen kann. Übersicht: Wie erstelle ich automatisch eine Website zur Bearbeitung von Datenbankinhalten? [MSDN Solve-CodeClip] Eine Übersicht zum automatischen erstellen einer Website…


Technical Summit und Xtopia 2008 Slide Decks und Demos

Hallo ich bin von der Xtopia und dem Technical Summit zurück – wir hatten eine gute Zeit. Hier ein paar Eindrücke vom Talk zu Windows Azure.   Die Slides kann man unter abrufen und das AJAX Portal für .NET 3.5 ist unter zu finden.


Building 3-Tier Smart-Clients and Rich Internet Apps with ADO.NET Data Services

Building 3-Tier solutions and offline capable solutions has been very hard in the past. Microsoft is now starting to ease this with .NET 3.5 SP1 and beyond. The key technology that enables this is ADO.NET Data Services which currently supports the publishing of databases via a ATOM/REST protocol and the consumption of that published database…


Generating a Website from any Database

Starting with .NET 3.5 SP1 Microsoft provides serious support for automated UI Generation in Web-Scenarios. The Technology behind this is called ASP.NET Dynamic Data and will evolve in the future. Basically the technology reads the meta data from the database model at runtime and generates Web Pages for data entry, edit and listing accordingly. You…


Software + Services – What is it all about?

Microsoft recently announced Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform at PDC. Many of you might wonder how this is related to Software + Services and what the scenarios in which developers benefit most from Azure. First I want to highlight the benefits for Software + Services such as delivering a consistent user-experience and access…


The .NET Platform Explorer Site and the .NET Solution Wizard

In Germany we just launched the .NET Platform Explorer Site which has a new Solution Wizard which helps you to find the technologies you need to use to implement a specific application types along with associated trainings and samples and a list of optional features to choose from. Check it out here