Windows 8 – Start Menu

As most of you must have notice, Windows 8 has been introduced during the Microsoft build conference.

Microsoft Build introduces many new features:

  • Windows 8


    • Metro interface for touch screens


    • ARM support
    • New faster boot system and touchable boot selector
    • Hyper-V allowing users to manage multiple virtual computers on a Windows 8 Operating System
    • Possibility to read ISO and VHD files from Windows Explorer
    • New Windows Explorer ribbon interface
    • New copies management


  • .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 11


During this conference, Microsoft distributed a Preview for Developer build of Windows 8 which main objective is to allow developers to start developing Metro style applications.
In this build, Microsoft disabled the start menu, but don't worry, here is the solution to get the old Windows 7 start bar allowing for example to start IIS without using the command prompt!

  • Open regedit from the command line
  • Find the key entry : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RPEnabled
  • Change the value from 1 to 0

If you want to know more about windows 8, take a look to the official website.

Comments (3)

  1. amar says:

    I am afraid but this path doesn't exist anywhere

  2. linvỉ says:


    This path does not exist anymore. It existed for the Developer Preview.

    Microsoft removed this possibility as well as the ability to get transparent Windows with next releases (Consumer Preview and RTM).

    If you want a solution you can check one of these :…/start8


  3. Windows 8 has a fantastic engine that makes a multitasking conventional desktop experience potentially awesome. Unfortunately Microsoft uncharacteristically has endeavoured to remove their traditional choice and flexibility and (Steven Sinofsky) imposed on users a hobbled conventional desktop. This simple act has undermined the potential success and soft landing for user adoption of this fantastic new platform.

    All is not lost, with a few simple end user tweaks a fully empowered conventional desktop can be established in under 5 minutes.…/windows-8-desktop-prioritisation-guide

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