List of Tim Rains’ Windows Support Tools

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog post.   


I have developed and released numerous networking and security support tools over the years.  I get e-mail weekly from customers who use my tools.  Frequently I get e-mail from people who have difficulty finding some of my tools.  Many of these tools have been released as part of the Support Tools directory on the Windows XP CD and on the Windows Server 2003 CD.  These tools are also available as free downloads from the Download Center on . 


I have been asked many times to publish a list of the resources/URLs for each tool to make them easier to find.  I hope this helps.




TCP/IP connectivity test tool, port scanner, and local port monitor.   Networking and security usages.


Download link


KB articles


PortQry Overview


New features and functionality in PortQry version 2.0




Port Scanning Using PortQry


New features and functionality in PortQry 2.0


Port Reporter


TCP/IP port usage logging service.  Networking and security usages.


Download link


KB article


Availability and description of the Port Reporter tool




Port Reporter


Port Reporter Parser (PR-Parser)


Log parser for Port Reporter log files.  Networking and security usages.


Download link


KB article


Description of the Port Reporter Parser (PR-Parser) tool




Domain Name System (DNS) troubleshooting/health monitoring tool.


Download link


KB articles:


Description of the DNSLint utility


How to use DNSLint to troubleshoot Active Directory replication issues




Microsoft Windows: Using the DNSLint Utility




Detects Windows systems possibly running network sniffers.  Networking and security usages.


Download links


Command line version


GUI version


KB article


Description of Promqry 1.0 and PromqryUI 1.0


NetBIOS Browsing Console (browcon)


Helps troubleshoot NetBIOS browsing issues in Windows domain environments.


Download link


KB article


Description of NetBIOS Browsing Console (Browcon.exe)




Using the NetBIOS Browsing Console to Troubleshoot NetBIOS Browsing




WINS/name resolution troubleshooting/monitoring tool.


Download link


KB article


NBLookup.exe command-line tool




Helps identify the service pack level of networking components on a file by file basis. 


KB article 


How to Use the SPCheck Tool to Determine the Service Pack Level of Components


Download links


Windows Server 2003:


Windows XP:


Windows 2000:


Windows NT 4.0:


Exchange 5.5:


Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) 2000:




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