Getting Started with Construct2

Scirra Construct2 is a GUI event driven game engine that allows developers to rapidly build games for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and many other platforms.  In Construct2 developers do not write actual code but instead use a GUI event sheet that allows them to create conditions and actions.

Example of FizzBuzz in Construct2 

As you can see from the above example Construct2 allows for Functions, Loops, and If statements just as you would write in any programming language.   Construct2 also has a library of standard gaming attributes, behaviors, and movements that can be added to any object to rapidly build and prototype 2d games.

Construct2 is a powerful game engine that enables developers of all skill levels to build games and target multiple platforms.  If you've never built a game before I highly encourage you to download Construct2 and walk through a few of these tutorials: 

The most intimidating part of game development (for me) was building the graphics and animation frames needed to make an engaging game.  Luckily there are some fantastic designers out there who have built gaming assets and have published them for their left brained developer friends.  Here is a list of software and gaming asset sites I recommend for getting started:


  • Gimp: Open source image editing software very similar to Photoshop 
  • InkScape: Open source vector graphics software editor  


Game development is a challenging and fun experience that I feel all developers should experience.  I was very intimidated by game development but Construct2 removed a lot of the complexity I was worried about and allowed me to focus on developing the actions for the game and not how to add physics to my jumping character. 

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