Freeform Custom Activity Designers using ICompositeView (Part 4)

This post is Part 4 of a series on writing custom activity designers. [Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6] [UPDATE 01/20/2010: The old version of this post was woefully buggy, as drag and drop only worked for CanvasActivity inside something else, such as a Sequence….


Reacting to ViewState Changes … and finally using AttachedPropertiesService

(The series: This makes Part 7 of a series of posts on flowchart-like freeform layout activity designers, [Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6 – Part 7 ]) Continuing the series about CanvasActivityDesigner and ICompositeView, I’ll focus on an important idea – writing designers which can react to…


(WF4.5) Enabling new .Net framework 4.5 features in your rehosted designer application

[Minor disclaimer: content in this post is based upon a non-final release candidate build of .Net 4.5] The workflow designer team had two slightly conflicting goals to tackle in .Net 4.5. Goal one: Make Workflow Designer more awesome for everyone in .Net 4.5. It should be easier to use, it should look better, and it…


.Net Framework 4 Platform Update 1

Hey everybody, just in case you haven’t heard the good news yet, our group released .Net Framework 4 Platform Update 1 today.  Hurray!   By the way, like me you may be confused upon hearing the term ‘platform update’ used this way. What does a .net framework platform update mean today? Good question. Normally you…


The Workflow 4.0 Custom Activity Icon (and Toolbox Icon) FAQ

[Update: This FAQ is outdated and has be rewritten and reposted here: I’m leaving the original comments here.]


(WF4, Toolbox) Updating the WF4 Toolbox Icon FAQ (for Rehosting and Custom Activities)

Introit – call it whatever, but today I’m recycling an old post. And I have one more little confession. When I started writing a new rehosted app today, I found out my old toolbox FAQ was fairly useless. It was even getting to the point where someone had to post this in the forum: “I…


The worst Code Analysis Rule that’s ‘recommended’ – CA2202

CA2202: Do not dispose objects multiple times How I hate this rule! Firstly, the rule is predicated on the belief that other people will write broken code and you will have to use it. Broken how? The documentation for IDisposable.Dispose() says that it must be safe to call IDisposable.Dispose() multiple times on the same object:…


(News) Workflow 1.0 Beta

Dropping the stealth cloak a little, it’s time for some personal news about what I’ve been up to for the last year and a bit. And the answer is? Testing what we are calling in our docs “Workflow 1.0 Beta” (name may change) which is Microsoft’s new Workflow hosting offering that works with WF. Here’s…


An Activity Designer for InvokeAction<T>

[Update! There are some bugs with the attached code, see the sequel post for discussion of bug fixes.] My workmate Ramraj mentioned that a long way back (during earlier milestones of WF 4.0) something was invented for XAML called a property reference, which was a feature that in the workflow designer would enable creating custom XAML…