The joy of Change

Hey, it's been a long time since I updated this blog. Did anybody miss me? Didn't think so. Since the intertubes never stop piping out noise, obviously nobody will have noticed a little silence. In any case it feels nice to give everybody a warm fuzzy 'hello long time no see' post. No wait, don't yet ! There's actually news here, sort of. Well no, not the workflow news you were probably coming here to see. Because, as it turns out, I personally don't work on workflow any more. After years of trying to care deeply and hard about workflow and whether it is good or not, I've realized I needed to stop.

So what am I doing now? Well, same company, same software development game. But not much else is the same! I've switched from testing code to developing it. And I've switched from trying to care about workflows to trying to care about a completely different beast, i.e. NuGet packages! And remember, it's all open source, so you can join in the fun too!

If you've not heard of NuGet before don't worry it's not too late! Fire up Visual Studio (I suspect I'm going to be correct in assuming everyone who reads my blog has Visual Studio? :p) and go to the Extension Manager. Search online for an extension called NuGet package manager. But what am I saying, of course you've heard of NuGet package manager! But maybe you, like me, just didn't realize that it's going to be deeply relevent to your life as a developer? Still not convinced? Sigh, OK. I know I will convince you eventually!

Because, in fact, dear dot net developers - we are the last ones to catch on to this - but packages are pretty much the best way to manage your dependencies. Better than add reference, better than checking dlls into source control, better than install Foo SDK install.exes and maybe even better than shipping great big chunky .net frameworks? Yes there's a couple rough edges, but we're working on that!

Still not convinced? Until next time then.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Is there anyone else doing workflow based blogs? I really enjoyed your workflow blogs in the past. Sorry to see you move to something else.

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